About The Doubting Thomas

Who am I?

The Doubting Thomas is a lifestyle blog formed in late 2019 that really developed during the first lockdown in 2020.

I started writing about my experiences as a parent and pretty much anything else that came into my head, but in the months since then I’ve been able to expand and write about different things such as blogging tips, mental health/anxiety and sharing my perceptions on the world we live in today. I also write a monthly post where I share my 5 favourite blog posts written by other bloggers; you can check the first three months out here!

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February 2021

March 2021

I’m a parent, a husband and I work full time, so a career in blogging is not something that’s within my reach. However, with The Doubting Thomas, I’ve found a place I can write down my thoughts and feelings and hey, even offer people some help and advice along the way.

Why “The Doubting Thomas?

Truthfully, I wanted something snappy that involved my name and the only other thing I could think of was “The Peeping Tom”; so you should be glad I’ve picked this one.

The meaning behind the name? A “doubting Thomas” is someone who is pretty cynical about the world and chooses not to believe in things without proof or concrete evidence; at times this can sum me up pretty well.

I can be quite hard, lacking in emotion and definitely sceptical and judgemental. It’s something I’m working on, but in the meantime I also like to think I’m relatively nice, friendly and approachable. You may wish to make up your own mind!

Fortunately or not, I think the name worked pretty well at the time.

What am I looking to achieve?

Right now, I just want to grow the blog; I’ve been self-hosted since April 2021 so I’m still learning the ropes, but you can find my older blog posts either in the archives or by browsing through the different blogging categories I write about.

I plan to increase the traffic and number of visitors to my blog and still maintain the passion for writing; who knows what’ll happen in the future!

I hope you enjoy taking a look around the site, but if you ever want to work with me you can find me on social media and contact links on my homepage, or send me an email at thedoubtingthomas@outlook.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

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